Sunday, August 4, 2013

what if I'm supposed to be a JOURNALIST rather than a DESIGNER?

Hello, bloggers! Happy late August by the way :)

So, I've been self-pitying for almost a couple years. It's really annoying. I once saw that because of my PISCES weaknesses, self-pitying was include . Okay peoples, as I had mentioned before, I still don't know where my passion at. I'm sorry if  this bothering you guys.  It's bothering me too!
Everyday, every night, before I sleep, I always have a super long blabber talk with God. I kinda love this activity though. Is it weird? I don't think so. I know that God never answer directly. But it's really comfort to talk with someone that you know he/she will listen to aaaaal of your stories,complains,useless boring stories without feels annoyed with their reactions. YES, that's what I feel.

BACK TO TOPIC! Just realize that I love to take photos of events. Yeah, though sometimes I'm lack of transportations, insufficient money and protective parents, also a cruel capital of Jakarta (*If you bring DSLR, keep watching your back if someone follows you.) And I love writing too! I've never write enough review about those events I came to but, I think it's an interesting one.
But I already took Design Major at my university! And well, it's also an interesting one for me too. I wanna work at magazine agency. I love magazines (of course teen's magazine) But, all of the requirements for being a good designer making me so frustrated! below average skill of drawing, average creativity mind and clumsy personality . WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! For the sum up, maybe I should try this "journalistic" things beside the creative things. Some peoples said that to find your passion, you have to learn your hobbies or something you like to do, then follow it. So, if this blog change into a "newsblog" one day, please bear with me :) I'm sorry if this post annoys u a lot and too many wrong grammars.




  1. choose what u love! I also have some interest in being journalist(or fashion magazine employee) although i wanna be designer too

  2. I think by facing the hardships of design major will make you stronger in the end, right? :D as you said maybe you can try doing journalistic as a hobby beside uni things. I hope you'll find the answer of your doubts soon ^-^

  3. why not? i mean, nothing is impossible right if you wanna try. you have photograph skill, and you're hv ability to run blog's and stuff. Realizing that you're in way to learn jusnalistic skill from all of your post. All things come from lil things right? ;) and there's a lot of ppl outside who didn't take their job same as their major (and they're happy about it) ^^ I're going to be great magazine journalist btw \m/


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