Wednesday, July 19, 2017

25 Questions With Me

Feel so special like Gigi, Selena, VicKham, or Emma Stone. Here are my 25 questions present to you by myself (*troll*) :P


Spell your full name backwards
It’s hard tho, but let’s give it a try. odnaiL acilengA ecinaJ. Fiuh.

Pizza or Sleep?
Sleep of course

Morning or Night?
Morning. Because everything looks friendly in the sun lights

Did you have any weird habits? Please tell us.
Hmm. I guess it’s my sleep bad posture. I tend to sleep like a prawn my mom said, and it’s bad for my spine and I can’t sleep with my head on the pillow, I always found myself to sleep under the pillow (not behind), even if I re-adjust my head, it always go down.

What are you busy at now?
Working at a small but enjoy fashion brand. I hope our small team, always solid and could jet the brand soon soon soon! Keeping my head full of dreams to achieve, keeping my head searching for another innovative designs to boost the selling.

Pick one of your family.
My little sister.

She’s the first one, that made me become a more melancholic person. She taught me what is empathy in a ‘hurtful’ way. She taught me what is ‘karma’. She taught me how to stay cool, and a lot of things. And she’s the one that worked hard to helped my mum paid my scholar fees in the first place. Oh really, she’s the one that made me feel what an awful sister I am!

Who’s your best friends?
My sisters. Don’t you believe?

Are you that introvert? Or?
I can say I’m an ambivert. And yes, to be honest, I still don’t find that kind of best friends. It’s okay.

Dog person or cat person?
Definitely dog. I'm a loving and loyal creatures!

Feeling or Thinking?
Feeling. You have to know that I’m born with all those ‘feeling elements’. Let’s spell it out. I’m a dog in shio, I’m a Pisces, I’m an ISFJ, and I’m a B. And as I grew older, I realize that I’m a Melan-Chole girl! #ugh

Celebrity/Artist crush
Rihanna and Ruth B

Favorite actress or actors.
Hmm… Oh! Johnny Depp!

Movie genre
Sci-fi, Romance Comedy, Fantasy, Light romance and IT HAS TO BE A HAPPY ENDING! Not forget to mention Animation movies.

Hurtful comments that you’ve ever received.
You’re like a Monkey. Because of my hairy hands L But, I won’t wax it. I don’t want to spent money for a couple of hurtful wax and find my hands with those awful big pores! Just be grateful for everything that I got J

Did you have any crush?
Nope. It’s exhausting just by thinking of it.

Travelling or stay at home?

First rank of travel destination?
Everyone’s dream. The city that never sleeps, New York. Sounds cliché.

What’s your best lame talents?
Drawing. But I’m a graphic designer. What a shame.

Baby boy or Baby girl?
OF COURSE GIRL! Please, I want to have a daughter like Coco Rocha has <3

Name her!
It’s a secret, please.

Your best personality.
Empathic heart. But sometimes, not. Haha

Your best traits.
Killing mosquitos with my hands ;}

Summer or Winter?
Summer. Winter is too gloomy but it’s pretty!

Did you collect somethings?
Yes, colorful little things. I love them! Figurines, clips, stickers, and so on.

Well, that’s a wrap. Thank you so much for your time.


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