Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stay Single?

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For me, stay is ‘to be in one pace/place for a long time period’.
Either it’s a job, a love, a place, or a feeling or another ‘a’s you can mentioned.
But, I will talk about how to stay single in your 20’s.

Sounds weird. Nope, I will tell you how to survive and why I’m still single.
The very cliché answers always “Well, I don’t find the one who good enough yet.” Everyone, no,
mostly everyone will answer that kind of question with the sentence above. And the truth is, yes. It is also the best response I could give. I don’t think I’m as good as Emma Watson (not even CLOSE!!!) to have wait for the one WHO IS GOOD ENOUGH. Everyone have their own ideal type, have their own ‘good’ standard. And that’s what makes me could tell this one is good, this one is bad. The idealist me said “I want to have one partner for ever.” Or popularly called “The first and the last”. I don’t think I like a “let’s try it first” kinda relationship, but don’t get me wrong. I mean, e.g /I know I can’t tolerate my partner bad habit, but well, let’s try it, who knows?/ This kind of thing. Because every relationship start with a TOLERANCEs. For me, number one rule in a relationship is TOLERANCE. Can you tolerate his/her personalities? Like too introvert or extrovert? The best example was the long distance relationship. Can you tolerate being so far away with your loved one and still manage to stay loyal when you can’t  see each other for a very long time? If two people can tolerate that, the relationship will stay on it’s place. Or even build a stronger bond. Now we can conclude that, I still can’t find the person who I can tolerate enough. Not because I have a high standard, nope, it’s just there’s one thing that I really can’t tolerate. Okay, let’s move to the next topic.

How I managed being single through years? Stay cool and stay calm. For everything there’s a season.

  1. Tilt your head left and right, is there a friend in your age that still single? YES? Okay, at least you feel relieved, huh? ;) You’re not alone!
  2. Take as many vacations as you can take. Don’t have money? Open an olshop, SAVING SAVING SAVING! Vacation is not always going out of town, you can visit museums, public places in your city by using local transportations, which is highly recommended. Who knows you’ll find someone in that bus? Train?
  3. Don’t feel lonely when you have to walk on your own in a mall, or eat alone! Well, put that “I’m SO SINGLE” mind aside. You can ask your relatives tho. Not so single anymore ;)
  4. Don’t have someone who makes you busy with your phone? Ugh. It’s your time to sleep! And not being freak with your phone. Walk without staring at your hopeless phone, you’ll might miss someone good.
  5. Head up, friends! Be confident.
  6. Eat as much and as gross as you can, before you feel embarrassed.
  7. Fangirling as much as you want, before someone get jealous!
  8. Having an idol is the best way to keep you feel loved. Tho, he/she share it with a thousand other people too ;) it helps!
  9. Spend your weekend at home, cleaning up everything.
  10. Take care your body. Put lotion on, mask on. Make yourself comfortable.
  11. Buy a lot of makeup kit. Learn how to do makeup, make yourself presentable. Contact lens, maybe?
  12. Buy perfume. Hair conditioner.
  13. But, feel free to walk without makeup on. Makeup is heavy and fake. Hahaha
  14. Take foreign language if you want to.
  15. But, read as much as your brain can keep. To have a broader mind with a lot of topics to be discussed.
  16. Hangout with your friend guys, girls, without asking ‘special’ permission.
  17. Love yourself. Embrace our loneliness.
Because having someone we attached to, sometimes annoying.

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